Don’t Forget Your Animals When Planning For A Disaster

dogs in the woods


For the average family when planning for a disaster we only think about the humans in our lives. We often don’t think about our pets. Or in some cases our farm animals. But they too need to be included in our planning.

Often the type of disaster dictates whether we stay at home and shelter or leave our home and find shelter somewhere else. If we stay at home we need to make sure that we have enough food, water and possibly medicine for each of our pets and or farm animals. I have eleven cats. Some of them have special food and medicine needs that could cause their death if they don’t have it. With hurricane season approaching I am making sure that I have enough food, water and medicine to get through 2 weeks.

Just like humans our animals’ shelter could be damaged or destroyed during a disaster and you would have to create a shelter after the disaster. Our pets may need a contained shelter(my cats are indoor cats) and our farm animals may be able to make do with a fenced in area. This requires materials on hand necessary to do that.

I was thinking about what I would do if my home was compromised. My cats are indoor cats and I would want to provide them with the safety of being in something. So I have planned to use a tent that can be zippered close to provide that sense of well being that comes from being inside safe from the weather and other animals.

If we have to leave our homes we should have identified a location where we could move our animals in advance of any disaster. Plus we would need to identify what transportation would be necessary to move them to that location and have stocked that location with food, medicines and water ahead of the disaster.

Recently the wildfires in Canada illustrated the other unfortunate possibility. That a disaster could occur that would prohibit us from taking our animals. I read a recent news article where someone in that wildfire area stayed behind and fed some of the animals while the humans retreated. I don’t know if I could leave my animals behind in the event of a disaster that happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to move them. I would like to believe that I would stay with them. What about you?


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